You can create specific budget pools in your IO that you can associate multiple campaigns to and these campaigns will spend the pool budget according to its performance. In other words, you can have a set of campaigns share a single budget. This is a useful feature if you want to separate out a number of campaigns, each with different targeting parameter, to test and report how these targeting variables perform without having to specify budgets for each. The system will automatically spend where performance is best, creating significant efficiencies in the campaign set up, optimization, and target reporting process.

Pool details:

1. You can have one or more pools in a given IO

2. You can have both fixed, non-fluid budgets and fluid-pool associated budgets in a given IO

3. A pool must have a single KPI that all associated campaigns will share. You can however have different pricing structures (e.g. CPM or CPC) and prices for each campaign

4. Existent pools are associated to campaigns within Campaigns > General during set up

5. You cannot change a fixed, non-fluid budgeted campaign to a fluid budget. You must actualize the fixed campaign's spend, then clone the fixed campaign and associate it with the pool when cloning to accomplish this task. 

6. You can create pools at the campaign level that then future campaigns can be added to. However it is recommended to do it at the IO level for sake of clarity.

7. Cloning IOs with pools clones those pools as well as the campaigns in them

Budget pool concept:



Pool in Campaign > Settings:


Pools in IO: