An IO at Bidtellect is a set of budget and flight date controls associated with a given brand that are applied to every campaign created under that IO. For instance, if you know you are going to spend $75k for the Georgia-Pacific brand for the year, you would enter this information into the IO and then can create as many campaigns, each with its own targeting, for Georgia-Pacific as you like under the IO. The campaigns will just be restricted to the budget total on the IO and flight dates entered; in other words, the IO is a high level set of checks and balances for your campaigns. You may also set up multiple IOs to house campaigns for a given brand if that better suits your needs.



    A Campaign at Bidtellect is a set of targeting parameters applied to an entered budget and flight dates for a given brand. A Campaign can also be thought of as a line item on traditional insertion orders. Targeting settings at Bidtellect, as well as the associated reporting, exist at this Campaign level, not at the lower creative or higher IO level.

To create an IO or a campaign at any time, you can click on the big red + circle: