• Users can select their own customized date range or select from a list of pre-defined ranges.
  • Performance results are shown by day in the Daily Insights data filter selection


  • Insights at the campaign level show pacing indicators, informing the user if campaign is on schedule to deliver in full, the pacing index is calculated as an numerical index: (% spend delivered) / (% campaign flight elapsed)
  • To help manage campaigns more efficiently, Insights also shows the average daily revenue needed in order to achieve complete delivery.
  • Inline editing of the campaigns is available here, allowing you to pause or restart campaigns directly from this reporting screen, as well as directly access the specific campaigns Dashboard or full suite of settings to make efficient changes.


Shows performance results across the creative running. Note for creative to show here there has to be performance data associated with it, so pre-launch creative data will not show

  • You can also inline edit the status of creative, turning individual ones on or off directly in the report
  • You can preview each creative in addition to editing the further settings for that specific creative - eg. tweaking the copy to get better CTRs - by clicking on the pencil edit button in the ellipses.


Shows performance results across the products, i.e. the native ad types running: In-Feed, Recommendation Widget, and/or In-Ad.

  • Distribution charts are shown as well.


Shows performance results across the device types running: Desktop, Tablet, and/or Mobile.

  • Distribution charts are shown as well.

Site / Placement: 

Shows performance results across the sites (domains) and the more granular placement level (e.g. a specific slot on a page or a site coming from a particular exchange) where the campaign(s) have run.

  • Inline editing of Sites and Placements - turning them on or off - is available here, allowing for efficient site blacklisting based on KPI performance.
  • If looking at Sites or Placements across multiple campaigns and not all campaigns have blocked a certain placement, the status will show as “Partially Allowed”.
  • Important Note: when doing manual optimizations like blocking sites, use the placement tab as it's a much more exact measure.