The Insights section of the DSP allow advertisers to analyze their campaign in a multitude of ways: by day, IO or Campaign, Creative, Native Ad Type (Product), Device, Site (Domain), and Placement (a more granular level than Site, corresponding to ad placement within a site). Within Insights, you can move across these data filters by selecting the tab of interest.

Data from each data filter (e.g. Daily) can be exported into Excel by clicking “Export” or across all data filters (Device, Product, Campaign, Site, Placement) can be downloaded at once by using the “Export All” button. The metric columns in the metrics table below the graph can also be customized in Columns. You can also email your account manager for daily auto reports with more granular cross tabs (e.g. creative by day).

You can filter Insights to the specific brand / IO / campaign that you're interested in looking at (note the search bar here can be used too):