Q. Why isn't my campaign spending?

A. If you just launched, it can take a few hours to start serving impressions. If your campaign has already launched, please check that your bid is sufficiently high, your targeting not too narrow or with too many layers (e.g. behavioral on top of contextual), that you have the IO, campaign, and creative all set to running, day parting is not too restricted, and that you have enough sites (categories or placements) selected. Please contact your account manager if spend still does not show.

Q. How often is reporting updated? 

A. Every one to two hours.

Q. Why don't my numbers in Google Analytics match Insights?
A. Multiple clicks on the same ad from the same session are de-duped in Bidtellect. Clicks in general don't always equal visits since one is defined in the ad server(s) and one as a session based on web analytics. For instance, if a user bounces before the session loads, a click will be counted but a visit will not. Please check that the GA code is placed on all landing pages and that the GA parameters aren't getting stripped.

Q. Is your conversion impression or click based? 
A. Click based.

Q. How do you define the Engagement Score?
A. Proprietary combination of Sessions, Page Views, Bounce Rate (<5 seconds), and Time on Site

Q. Are you immune to ad blockers?

A. Native ads are meant to be less intrusive and provide value to the user, so people are less likely to install ad blockers as a result of native ads. Any ad server, however, not totally immune to ad blocking.

Q. How do you implement a white list?
A. Select No Categories in Custom in Allowability and then select white list sites in Placement section with green check box or upload a text file of sites.

Q. How do you implement a black list?

A. In Allowability, check off the big red checkboxes per site domain (or more granular placement by clicking on the site domain name). Or, in Insights go to Site and/or Placement results and pause each site or placement. You can also upload a text file of sites in bulk. These blocks can be applied to future campaigns by loading the Allowability profile for the campaign in which they were blocked. 

Q. Do you third party ad serve?

A. We site serve all creative due to the custom nature of native ad serving across multiple ad formats and the real time assembly of the creative to fit the look and feel of the publisher page. The only exception is video ad serving with VAST or VPAID tags. However we do all third party click and impression tracking.

Q. How is viewability measured in your platform?

A. We use our own technology which uses the IAB standards of >50% of pixels in view for 1 continuous second for display and 2 seconds for video. We use geometric method. We can accept third party view monitoring tags as well. Both can only be used on sites that allow the use of JavaScript. 

Q. What are average CTRs, CPMs, and CPCs?

A. It depends but network wide CTRs for desktop are 0.2% and 0.3% for mobile. CPMs, which will vary of course by targeting and vertical, for volume on premium publishers typically have a price floor of $4. CPCs will depend on CTRs since all inventory is bought on a CPM, but floors tend to be in the $0.3 range with average CTRs.

Q. Do you have brand safety?

A. We offer pre-bid brand safety via AdmantX.

Q. Do you have fraud protection?

A. We offer pre-bid fraud protection by default via Integral Ad Science.

Q. Do you have behavioral third and first party targeting?

A. Yes, via an integration with Lotame, we have access to most of the major behavioral targeting providers. We also have 1st party targeting available via Oracle/BlueKai, LiveRamp, Lotame, and Adobe DMPs.

Q. What types of supply do you connect to?

A. We connect to three difference types of supply: SSP exchanges like Pubmatic, Rubicon, and Google's AdX that carve out native inventory as well as native only SSPs like Triple Lift and Ads Native; direct publishers like CBSi and Answers.com where we have our own code on the page; and native endemic sources like Yahoo Gemini and Taboola which require a custom set up.

Q. Do you have APIs?

A. Reporting and campaign control APIs are soon to be released.

Q. Do you have auto daily reporting?

A. Yes, just ask your account manager to set it up.