Supply is where you determine where your ads will run. Just like in the Targeting tab, the Profile Name will be saved for future use in new campaigns if desired with the previous settings accessible in the Load Supply Profile. Estimated reach is updated per your selections in the right rail (caveat: anything with page level data via AdmantX will not be available here).



1. Site Tiers: our categorization of the quality of domains that pass through our platform. Whichever selection you chose you will be at that level inclusive of the more premium tiers. So choosing 3, which is the default, includes level 1 and 2. You will now only run on sites deemed level of and lower.

2. Category targeting:  select the  environment in which you want to serve the ads. You can do this three ways: contextual, channel, and contextual + channel. The contextual tool is provided by AdmantX and is at the page level. So you if select second hand cars here you'll only serve ads on pages specifically about that content. For channel targeting you'll serve on domains categorized as auto if you select auto. Note each of Bidtellect’s site domains can be set to one or more categories.

3. Brand Safety: via AdmantX, you have the ability to use brand safety technology to make you your campaign is not showing up next to the selectable parent categories listed as well as the child segments categories of Negative Feeling (to the right).

4. Keyword targeting or blocking for both positive and negative sentiment (using the smiley emoticons).

5. Supply Source and Domain targeting. You can white and black list exchange level Supply Sources or at the more granular cross source Domain level. To implement a black or white list, you can upload a text file in the Domain section.