Creative which is the last tab in the campaign creation process where you can add new creative either one at a time or in a bulk upload. You can download the bulk template in Bulk Upload to see what’s required for bulk input (please follow the instructions there closely, for example, you cannot have nested zip files in your upload). You also can edit or clone creative here too.

The required elements to create the native ad are:

1. Name
2. Destination URL, which can also be a click tracker
3. Video information if it’s a video creative
  • For In-Stream video:

      • VAST/VPAID tags go in the Video URL field and a secondary click through (or click tracker) goes in the Destination URL field. The required additional fields like VAST version and bit rate can be found by putting the VAST URL into your browser and then searching for the fields in the XML result
      • If you upload the MP4 video for us to host, the hosting URL will populate in the video URL field once uploaded
      • YouTube links go in the Video URL field while the secondary click (or click tracker) goes in the Destination URL
      • Campaign must be priced on a CPM
    • Please see creative spec sheet for additional details
4. Copy including short and long text
5. Sponsored by line 
6. Status
7. Image: a 1200x900 sized unit or 1:1 ratio. This can pulled in from the image library.
8. Pixels (optional): third party impression trackers or view tags go here. Note the pass back dynamic parameters {} listed that can be entered in the impression tracker or Destination URL field as a query string add on. This will allow you to view these ids in your own analytics tools