There are  three descending Dashboard "At a Glance" views of your account: Home, IO, and Campaign. Each Dashboard contains basic performance data, graphs, overall settings, as well as the ability to access the full suite of settings and reporting (Insights). 


The first screen you are taken to after logging. A high level overview of your account is here, showing stats across your account. This includes a graph of what’s spent recently and below that the Brands, IOs, Campaigns, and Creative running where some basic trends in this list view are also shown. The information here is customizable, exportable, and filterable. 


The IO Dashboard gives you customizable performance graphs and module information (e.g. budget) as well as the ability to edit the IO settings and clone whole IOs (which then will clone all of the campaigns under that IO). You can also access your full suite of Insights reporting directly from this dashboard. The campaigns and creative that live under the IO are shown in a list which can then be easily accessed and there is also an audit trail of changes shown in History.


The Campaign Dashboard gives you customizable performance graphs, a campaign summary, IO information, and the creative used in the campaign, all of which can be edited and cloned via quick links. There is also a more detailed look into the campaign's targeting parameters and settings applied as well as a campaign audit trail under History.